What Anxiety?

9 days left and counting

As I’ve said before in other posts I’m a worrier.  Since my divorce I’m much better but it’s still there.  Nothing that will stop me from functioning during the day but it’s there when I try to sleep.  Usually my anxieties are manifested in my dreams.  I’ve got some pretty vivid dreams to start with but the anxiety variety are especially strange. 

My latest is about my surgery.  Not about the surgery not going well or that I’ll be scarred or anything like that.  More about being awake during the surgery and no one noticing.  Yeah, I know it’s a risk but a super tiny one.  So logically I know I should be fine.  Does that stop the crazy dreams? Nope.  Do I still feel panicked?  You bet.  Oh well.  It’s all part of the process.

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