I’m Back

A few updates.  First, lap band surgery went “better than textbook” to quote my surgeon.  My staples came out and I’m back to eating almost real foods.  An almost real food would be things like cottage cheese, jello, potatoes, shrimp, fish steaks, and protein shakes of course.  I’m about jello’d out.  But it paid off… with….

16 pounds down

So I’m super happy there.  I get to go back to work next Tuesday and things will finally be back to normal.

The next big change is I’m officially an adjunct professor at a local community college.  I teach a pharmacy technician class twice weekly for a very fun group of adults.

So far this is fun.  Have to grade papers now so we’ll see if I still think it’s so fun after I’m finished. 


One thought on “I’m Back

  1. I am more than happy with my new life!
    At first things were very slow but now I am working on the last 5 pounds. That’s the hard one I tell you!
    It has taken me 16 months and 83 pounds to be where I am now.
    Remember to move is my advise to everyone!
    Get up and do it!

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