18 pounds gone

So it’s been about three weeks since my lap band surgery.  I’ve lost the equivalent to the cat in the picture above.  Now all but two of those pounds were gone the first two weeks and it’s been slow since then.  But I guess that is why the time between the surgery and the first saline fill is known as bandster hell. 

Currently I don’t feel any restriction when I eat.  Which is really tempting to slide back into my old ways.  Let me tell you how good pizza sounds.  Not that I can’t eat it but that I want to eat the whole stinking thing.  Stilly willpower. 

I get my first saline fill November 5.  Hopefully after that I’ll be able to start to actually live the lifestyle I know that I need to.  Can you say hello negative reinforcement? 

On a different topic.  Teaching is really quite fun.  I just administered the first test last night so we’ll see how well what I’m saying is actually sticking.  Should be interesting.


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