So here we are just a few days away from Xmas.  Yes,  I mean Xmas not christmas.  I find myself in the last few days of the pharmacy class that I’ve been teaching.  Only to be emailed today to tell me that the funding program that the students use will not be renewing their contract with the school next semester.  I interpret this as “no money, no class, no need for an instructor, we’ll call you if anything changes.”  Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.  I’m looking at it as extra money I would not have had for gifts. 

Next up, language.  Work is allowing me to use Rosetta Stone to learn Italian.  Now, they offered this to the whole hospital and I was one of the first fifteen to sign up so I got in.  They also let us choose one of about fifteen languages.  Italian is what I decided to learn.  I will start this next week.  After my students take their final and I grade it.

Gifts!  Shopping is done.  With the purchase of a very expensive drill for the hubby shopping is completed.  I’m really quite proud of some of the finds I came across.  Sadly, some people still get stuck with gift cards.  I really hate giving them these things but that is what they really wanted so who am I to disappoint?

Lap band update.  It’s been about a month since my first fill and it’s time to get another bit of saline induced restriction.  Just in time for the holiday pig out that everyone is succumbing to.  I’m really quite happy that I’ve got the band forced will power to pass by most of the sugar this year.  My first fill didn’t go so well.  The surgeon couldn’t locate the port so I had to go to have it done under x-ray.  Since then the surgeon says that after seeing the films he is “confident” he can find the port in the office.  We’ll see.  I’m getting more nervous about this as the days progress.  Thursday is the big day.


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