Take the Good with the Bad

First, the good.  I went to the surgeon’s office today and found out that I’m down 28 pounds!  Makes me wonder how much I would lose if I actually worked out like I’m supposed to.  Now, being the nerd that I am I have to play with this number.  In 78 days I’ve averaged a third of a pound every day… or 2.5 pounds a week… or 10 pounds a month. 

How a port is supposed to be positioned

Now, the bad.  The surgeon thought he could find the little bullseye of my port even though instead of facing out toward the world like it’s supposed to it’s facing my head.  He tried three times with no luck.  So our options are to do it under the fluoroscope like I did last time or have another surgery to revise the port.  Doing it under fluoroscope isn’t a great option because if in an emergency they had to remove any fluid it would likely be done incorrectly and be dangerous.  So we should fix it right I guess.  He said that he would do it on a Friday and I would be back to work on a monday.  I would be sore but nothing at all like the initial surgery.  Since the revision surgery would just be opening the skin and not going into the abdominal cavity it is much less healing time.  I would have sutures to deal with but nothing too bad. 

I don’t like the idea of having another surgery but if it will fix it so that there are less complications down the road I guess I can’t complain.


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