Etsy Finds

I’m a crafter.  I love all things yarn.  Knitting.  Crochet.  And Etsy is filled with my kind of people.  Here are just a few things that have caught my eye recently.

I can just picture this in the center of a lovely romantic candle lit dinner with rose petals around it’s base… tea candle lighting up the etchings.  Lovely.  And only $18!!  Go see it here.

Just like most women I’m a sucker for anything shiny and this ring is no exception.  I just love the colors in the stone!  It’s definately on my wish list.  Check out the sellers’ site here.

You know how some people are always cold.  That’s me.  It doesn’t matter where I’m at I’m usually chilly.  So I like to keep jackets and other wraps around so that I can easily grab them when needed.  This is a very nice lace shawlette made with hand dyed yarn.  An amazing bargain at $40.  Go and see them.

And finally, something just plain fun.  I’ve made masks in the past and they really are just a joy to make.  Not exactly the most useful of things but that’s ok.  This mask is made from molded leather.  Not something I’ve done but check it out here.


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