Do You Zumba?

Since my surgery I’ve known that I really need to start incorporating exercise but I really hate going to a packed stinky gym to use a treadmill like a hamster in a wheel.  Know that I do have a gym membership and I do go about twice a week before work to try and avoid most of the other hamsters.

I have also found a free exercise class that I’m completely in love with (thanks to work offering it).  Zumba!  Ok, to try and explain Zumba it is like Jazzersize on Latin crack. Take a look for yourself.

Since I really am one of the least coordinated people on this lovely Earth know that even I can do this without falling on my face.  So really anyone can Zumba.  And since I’m told that the average one hour class burns about 1,000 calories how can I complain about all of the sweating involved?

Advice if you are thinking about trying Zumba?

  1. Don’t worry about missing steps… Just move!
  2. Wear shorter pants (after stepping on longer ones I learned this early)
  3. Wear lightweight shoes
  4. Bring a towel
  5. Bring lots of water
  6. HAVE FUN!!!

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