A Blow Out Birthday

Thanks to Mother Nature my birthday was icy and cold.  Hubby had to work since he pulls people out of ditches for a living and the family outing was rescheduled.  I’m not bitter… it’s still March and I can have an entire month of celebration if I want to.  Pffft

I was able to take Monday off and play with Button.  She and I went on several errands and even found time to check out a movie. 

In middle of our outing I realized I was about to have a major wardrobe malfunction.  Know that during my post surgery weight loss I’m finding lots of clothes I haven’t been able to wear for years.  Know also that I tend to get dressed in the dark as to not wake the hubby.  Now, you will not be surprised to know that I found a hole in the leg of the jeans I decided to wear.  Of course it was in a place that if I did decide to bend down to look at something, say on the bottom shelf at a store, I would surely end up showing everyone my super cool (clean of course) undies.

To prevent the world from that sight I decided we needed to get a pair of jeans before we got too far into our day.  Since Lane Bryant likes to size their pants in colors and tiny tiny numbers I had no idea what size I wore.  The good news is that between the “I should be this” size and the “dear god please let me fit into this” size I can comfortably fit into the latter.  Total NSV for me! 

We get to actually go out and celebrate my birthday this weekend so I will definitely be wearing these super cool, much smaller, pants!


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