Warning: Oversharing Ahead

First, I must tell you all that the evil Satan Scale has finally decided to show lower numbers!  Yes, the fill I received last week seems to be doing its job nicely.  Now the not so happy part.  I am finding that the “Ten Commandments” of fills that my surgeon’s office gave me are really true.  The more fills I get the fewer things I will be able to tolerate in my now tiny tummy.  Seriously.  Chicken nuggets from Wendy’s are super painful for me now.  So is tuna salad (this I found out today at work).  So fun.  No wonder I’m losing weight.  I can’t keep anything down really. 

That’s not exactly correct.  I’m not really vomiting.  It’s what us bandies call PB’ing.  A PB is a “productive burp”.  Think of it as what you see cats do with a hair ball.  Food comes up in pretty much the same state it went down in.  I don’t know if all bandies experience this in the same way but let me tell you it’s a blast.  Yeah right. 

Hope it ends soon and I figure out what I can eat without making my band angry anymore.  She’s a fickle B.  Let me tell you.  Hmmm maybe that should be her name… Ficklebitch.

One thought on “Warning: Oversharing Ahead

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