Too Soon

I’ve taken a bit of a break from school.  Yeah, that’s the mature way to look at it.  If the real truth were to escape it would appear that I threw a bit of a tantrum and didn’t go back to school.  The slightly longer version would show that I had enough of the right credits to start nursing school at one college but the scholarship that I will be using from work (full ride plus my salary and benefits) didn’t synch up on the time line and I would have to take another sixteen hours (read as 4 classes) to get into a different school.  So since my tantrum is done it is time for me to go suck it up and go back and take those last few classes. 

I’ll be taking two classes this summer (Biology/Bio Lab, and Statistics).  Since both of these will be online please don’t take offense if I’m anything but my normal pleasant self as I may be a bit cranky and spread thin.  Especially since summer semesters are only seven weeks long.  Cranky V will be here after the first week of June.  Ye be warned.


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