Living in Scaryville

In the last ten days the police have been to my street four different times.  The first time was last weekend when we found out there is a gang house about two blocks away by way of a neighbor’s dog being run over and some shots being fired into the air.  The next bout was supposedly Monday morning but I wasn’t around for that. 

Monday afternoon rolls around and this is when all of the fun happens.  I left work early to meet the ADT installation people so I got home early afternoon to see two police cars in front of my house.  Unsettling in the least.  Getting out of the car I see that they are talking with my neighbor we will call Meth-head and another man.  Being the nosey concerned neighbor that I am I stood on my porch watching the whole drama.  Enter the fire truck and ambulance… taking Meth-head’s friend away.

Being the super rational person that he is Meth-head hopped my fence to talk to my other neighbor Reefer-man who apparently sent the strange man over to Meth-head’s house to “chill”.  Accusations flew and being home alone I got a bit scared.  Into the house I crept. 

Once Hubby got home I relayed the story.  Note that we are still waiting for ADT to show up.  They gave a two-hour window between 5 and 7.  It’s now right at 7 with no call or sign of them.  I decide to call the number we have for them.  Enter phone tree hell!  I was on the phone for 45 minutes just to find out that the people we were in contact with initially to set this all up were from a contractor for ADT presenting themselves as the actual company.  Big no no apparently.  Now having the contractor’s number I attempted contact.  Nothing except a voicemail.  Ugh.  Oh well, something will happen I’m sure. 

Fast forward to about 9:00.  We finally hear from the contractor who “just finished” an install.  He’ll call “tomorrow” to reschedule.  Yah, whatever.  I’m not happy to say the least.  He will be giving me free things… lots of free things.

11:00 lights start flashing in the front yard again.  Nice.  Again this nosey concerned neighbor and her hubby stand on the porch watching the drama.  Three police cars, a fire truck, and an ambulance this time. 

Apparently Meth-head has been having visual hallucinations.  He “saw” four people in his house start trashing the place.  So, logically, he took a machete to them to take care of it.  Nevermind that the beautiful house was now totally hacked to pieces.  Oh!  And he told the cops that hubby was in a Gilly suit and had a sniper rifle on him all night.  Yeah right.   Meth-head was taken away this time.

Man in Gilly Suit


Here’s the best part.  Reefer-man called Meth-head a “crazy druggie”.  I almost couldn’t control myself after that one.

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