It’s Bento Baby!

I had a wonderful afternoon off from work yesterday so I spent a bit of it at an asian market.  I must admit that I love this place.  They give a 3% discount if you pay cash.  Now I just need to learn how to read kanji to really know about everything they sell. 

I’m really trying to bring my lunch to work now and to help with this I’ve been looking at different bento boxes.  If you’re not familiar with a bento box they are usually plastic multi-layered japanese lunch boxes.  I’ve been looking online for these and the ones that caught my eye were around the $24 range… not exactly in budget.

Behold the 888 Market!  Seriously.  I walked in looking for seaweed salad (my fave!) and not only found that but also the cutest bento box for a whole $6.  How could a girl say no to that?

Here’s how it turned out today.

Put all together it's a nice little package (utensils even)

Top Box- Tea Egg, Strawberries, and Seaweed Salad in cupcake liners

Bottom box- Chicken, cabbage, and mushrooms in an asian garlic sauce


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