The One Where I Act Like A Whiny Girly Girl

Those who know me in the flesh will find this shocking I’m sure.

First the whiny part.  I’m trying to grow out my hair and have now entered into the “baby clippy” phase of this nightmare.  I hate this part.  Really.  Hate.  It.  But when the options are look like Justin Bieber or use the clips I reach for the clips.  Here’s what I end up with until I’m past this nasty shaggy phase.  (Please ignore the dirty bathroom)

Now, the girly girl part.  This will make you wonder when the straight jacket will be arriving.  I skipped wearing my usual scrubs to work yesterday.  Scrubs really are just one little perk about working in a hospital.  PJ’s all day!  I opted for real grown-up clothes.  Yes, you read that right.  I even have pictures to prove it for those that doubt me. 

Thank you Mommy for the shirt (that I tucked into the back of the pants to make it look like it fits better than it does)!  Now if that doesn’t surprise you… hold onto your knickers folks and check out the shoes. 

They really aren’t as painful as they look but still… a bit of my evening was spent using these dreadful things.  I know, they’re ugly but they really do work.


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