How Exactly Do You Can Whoopass?

I’m a bit of a foodie if you haven’t already figured out from this, or this, or this… or well you get the idea.  So when I found out that the humble little metro I live in has a culinary center I was stoked.  They not only offer a great place to pick up cheap frozen gourmet meals they also offer classes.  YES! 

I’ve conquered baking artisan breads (love this) and making all kinds of foods that just scream “MAMMA”.  I love making Italian (NOT eye- talian) food.  I’ve made all kinds of things but there is still one kind of food that just intimidates me to no end.  Canning.  Yes, it seems really easy but having never seen it done it really looks scary.  I don’t have a mother that canned anything, her mother didn’t can stuff as far as I know (she was too busy working to help support three of the most ornery kids I’ve ever heard about), and my other grandmother canned jam but since I lived several states away I never learned from her.  So you can see why it might be a bit of a mysterious thing for me. 

Enter the Culinary Center of Kansas City.  I’m so excited to be learning how to can from the professionals.  Really.  It sounds like something I could really get into. 

Someone did point out that I don’t grow anything in a garden.  I really have the blackest of thumbs but there are several people who sell produce on my way home that I will definitely be buying supplies from.  Yumm can’t wait!

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