Anyone Seen My Balls?

This weekend I was able to visit my parents.  Mom and I had a really good day finding all sorts of random things at the craft store.  Then after a small dinner at the clubhouse we headed off to pick up our golf carts and tee off. 

I’m what one might call “gifted” when it comes to playing golf.  Apparently I can hit the ball fairly far and sometimes it will actually go in the desired direction… but only if there is a bird on the course in that area.  Really.  I actually hit a robin on the course.  It wasn’t injured but it was rather upset that I dared interrupt its supper. 

We had a great time and I was surprisingly not as sore as the first time I tried to golf. 

Now fast forward to yesterday.  I get a voice mail from my mother.  Asking me if I wanted to be on a charity golf team.  Yes, it is for a good cause.  No, I’m not as bad a golfer as I think.  I’m just concerned that I’ve never really played a whole game with realrules.  We use an adapted rule system of sorts.  It’s fun.  But we’ve never kept score and I have no idea even how to keep score.  With all that I’m still really excited about playing in the tournament. 

Come watch if you dare… just don’t come dressed as a bird. 

Not the best form but I'm new

One thought on “Anyone Seen My Balls?

  1. Or a tree… or a leaf… probably safest to come dressed as the golf ball. Course, that’s just for my game…

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