Just Call Me Julia

My super sweet work friend invited me over to her house last weekend to watch the movie Julie and Julia.  I know this has been out for a while but I just haven’t had a chance to see it yet.  First, let me tell you that Meryl Streep is absolutely amazing!  Second, I have never seen a better example of the phone hell that I work in every day.  Missy G can vouch for that as well.

It may be coincidence that I have recently been introduced to the local culinary academy’s classes and last we spoke I had already signed up for the canning class.  As of yesterday I’ve officially gone a bit overboard with signing up for classes.  Here’s the rundown of what I will be learning about.

They call this one Introduction to Knife Skills.  I call it “How to Properly Remove Fingers”.  I’m sure it is going to be very good for me… yeah… me, the woman who drops just about everything.  I really can’t wait for this one.  Several of the girls at work are going to be taking this one with me so I won’t be the only bloody one.

A few weeks ago I went to lunch with my friend Missy and her two adorable boys at T-Rex.  So much fun!  Being the super thrifty foodies that we are we stopped at TJ Maxx and I talked myself into finally buying a pasta machine (that I will get to use this weekend at Button’s Budget Party).  So this Handmade Ravioli and Filled Pastas class will really get put to use.

Now, the one that I am really looking forward to taking.  Lobster Lover’s Feast.  I know I’m strange that I really don’t like lobster… I don’t dislike it either though.  Silly as it is the only real reason I want to take this class is that I remember hearing that when you boil lobsters they make a bit of a scream.  I know it’s sick but I want to know if they really do make a noise.  Sorry, that’s just the way I am. 

I’ll tell you all a secret if you promise not to tell (ok tell all you want).  I would be the happiest person around if I could manage to be a personal cook for a handful of clients.  I would leave government work in a heartbeat if I could make that work.  hint hint.


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