Evil Trick

I’m no longer frustrated with this so I figure it’s funny enough to share with you all.  Enjoy!

A few days ago I went to weigh myself (same routine as always) and the number on the scale just about made cry.  Apparently the evil little thing thought it would be entertaining to tell me that I had lost 20 pounds in my sleep!  Yes, folks it can be done… at least until I tried it again a few moments later.  Then it showed me that I had only lost 18 pounds overnight.  Ok that’s more like it.  HA!

After checking the batteries I tried it one last time… just to make sure it really was just a solid 18 that I lost and not that flaky 20 that is just too good to be true.  Of course it read exactly what it had the day before.  And it kept displaying the same numbers the next six times I tried.  Yes, I said six.  But don’t tell, ok?

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