Huge Milestone… Almost

It’s official. School is the crazy nightmare I was expecting (even dreaming about statistics) and work is just about as fun. Needless to say I’m looking for the silver lining.

Like many other lap band bloggers I post about non-scale victories. Sometimes the scale just won’t budge or worse moves in the wrong direction. It is in these times we especially need any kind of victory. This week I got to enjoy a very much needed NSV.

The chairs in the work break room have arms that tend to cut into your thighs if you’re anyone with any kind of curves. We’re talking the kind of pain that will make your toes tingle if you sit there too long. At least I observed this before my surgery. Not anymore! Just call me Twiggy.

This was a very much needed shiny spot in my week. Oh! And the realization that I’m only 13 pounds from a little place Bandies know as One-derland. For those not in the loop this is a HUGE deal. It means that finally my weight will start with a tiny little number one. In my case it also marks my halfway point in my weight loss. Talk about a reason to throw back those protein shakes.

Until next time my faithful readers.

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