I’m Not Dead Yet

So I’ve made it to midterm!  I’m hoping that my statistics teacher has forgotten that according to the calendar we are supposed to have a midterm project due in two days.  No mention of it anywhere on the site.  I’m not going to be the one to ask her about it either.  Shhhh.

Crazy that it is during this peak of brain-fried-fun that the college I willbe attending for nursing school is to post the timeline for applications for the fall 2011 semester.  Can you say Rock Chalk excitement?  So not only do I have to focus on this crazy 32 chapters of study in 7 weeks summer I’ve planned (and did I mention get A’s in both classes?) I get to try to figure out some super impressive essay wording.  Sounds like fun to me.  Ok well maybe not the 32 chapters of fun but I can really rock an essay… or four. 

Wish me luck.  I miss you all!


One thought on “I’m Not Dead Yet

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