Completely Sober. Really!

Here’s the short version of what happened to the very naturally clumsy me.  Ry and I were at Button’s house to play with fire and see a show (interpret as bonfire dinner and fireworks after).  Here in the good ol’midwest it has been raining off and on most of the day.  The result of the residual effect from hurricane season.  So it had cleared up and we had the fire going.  All ready to start roasting hot dogs!  Exit the house, turn left, go down the wooden deck stairs (on my butt), walk under the tree to the fire pit.  Yah, caught that did ya?  There’s about six wooden stairs that get a bit slimy and slippery when wet that my rear is very well acquainted with at the moment.  Nothing broken, pants being stain treated, bruises are killing me but I shall endure.  Thank you to everyone there that was concerned for my tukhus.  However after being me for all these years I’m a pro at falling.  My dear loving husband likes to remind me that I “can trip over a cordless phone.”  Sadly he’s completely correct.  And you wonder why I fear for my life anytime shoes with a heal are involved.


Could you imagine?!?


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