I’ve Lost a Baby!

I've lost the 44 pounds that this poor baby weighs

I was working on a post about how I had lost 42 pounds when I was having a hard time finding the perfect pic.  So I saved the post and was going to work on it today… only when I jumped on the scale today I found that 42 is no longer the accurate number.  I have dropped 44 pounds since my surgery and really can’t be happier.  Only 5 more pounds till One-derland!

As many who follow my adventures know I’ve had a bit of a tough first 6 months post surgery.  I had my original surgery September 30 and had trouble with my port so I had another surgery in January to fix that.  Since then all is well.  I’m actually in a really good place with my restriction.  Meaning that I can eat most foods (even tiny amounts of breads on good days) just small quantities.  This is the whole goal of the surgery.  I’m past worrying that what I am about to eat will not work out well and I’ll end up running to the bathroom to cough it up.  My dear husband is so supportive with this.  I can’t tell you how often this poor man has to hear me “fight” with what I have just tried to eat.  Thank you dear for putting up with all of the unpleasant times.  I’ve learned that chicken isn’t my enemy… as long as I am the one to prepare it.  I’ve also learned that steak is usually really easy to eat.  Not that it’s easy to pay for all of the time but that is something for a different post.

I do still battle with what is called head hunger.  You know those times when your head tells you that you are hungry but the tummy is nowhere in the loop.  Talking with my friends that have had their surgeries several years ago this apparently is an ongoing battle.  I remember the old weight watcher saying “nothing tastes as good and thin feels”.  I know it’s true but my head is really having a hard time learning that lesson.  I guess that is why this is called a process.

I think that it is because of work that I have been able to drop 12 pounds in the last few months.  You see the last month I’ve been running around filling prescriptions for patients instead of sitting on my bum answering phones all day.  So I’m sure that the extra running around in the sauna we call the pharmacy helped with the weight loss (lifting huge boxes of Ensure and diapers doesn’t hurt either).  The bad news is that the next two weeks I will be back on the phones which I love but is really not great for melting away fat.

I’ve been debating on sharing this next bit with you all.  But as I am a chronic over-sharer I will continue.  Which is genetic I think… I just have to find someone in my family to back me on this.  I found a picture that was taken just a few weeks before my surgery at a work baby shower.   To be completely honest this picture made me cry when I found it.  Like so many people that aren’t happy with their body I don’t have many photos of me.  Especially whole body pictures.  Just not allowed.  Here’s the slightly altered pic that I found (to protect the innocent).  With a bit more current pic next to it (although it is a few weeks old).  Don’t have a full body “current” picture at this time.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll try to get one.  I’m proud of how far I’ve come but sometimes it hurts to see how large I let myself get before really doing something about it.  It’s a work in progress like so many other things in life.

A Few Weeks Before Surgery

About 2 Weeks Ago


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