The One Where I Sleep

Unlike my dear husband I can take a nap at any given moment and be completely happy.  He can’t nap to save his life.  It’s a gift.  I know. 

For some reason lately I’ve found that I just can’t keep my eyes open after about 7pm.  Shortly after we finish dinner (presuming Hubby’s not out towing) we watch movies.  I can tell you the first part of whichever movie he puts in… then it’s lights out!

I know extra stress makes me nap more.  That’s a possible reason.  We don’t usually get to go to bed till after 11 and I get up for work at 5:30.  So definitely not enough sleep at night (especially if you factor in the required cover tug-o-war).

Not sure the reason behind needing so many naps.  Maybe if I sleep on it I’ll figure it out.


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