Princess Piddle Pants

So I decided to start the 5 day pouch test after all.  I’m actually on day 2 of all of this fun.  So I’m almost done with the liquids phase.  Tomorrow I get to incorporate tuna and eggs into the Cryastal Light, protein drinks (which I will have to share all of my tasty finds on another post), and sugar-free pudding. 

No real cravings yet but boy do I have to keep running to the bathroom.  Seriously with the 64 ounces of water plus the liquid in all of the protein drinks I’m not kidding.   In a normal work day I will usually visit the bathroom about three times.  Today?  I’m up to seven and I’ve still got an hour and a half!  Got my running shoes on let me tell ya. 

I’ll check in tomorrow to let you all know how it’s going.


3 thoughts on “Princess Piddle Pants

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