Pouch Test Day 3

Yesterday was day 3 of my pouch test.  If you remember day 3 is “soft protein”.  Things like eggs, tuna and chicken salads.  For breakfast I had my usual protein shake, lunch was one of the new “sandwich ready” tuna packs.  Actually it didn’t taste bad and was only 100 calories!  Dinner was another story.  I brought Hubby dinner since he was working late at the shop.  Here’s where that whole accountability and honesty thing sucks.  I momentarily fell off the wagon.  I ordered Hubby his usual burger and fries.  Ok, that’s safe.  I ordered myself sweet potato fries with ranch dressing.  Yes. I. Did.  I guess the good part is that I could only eat about 15 fries so that’s a plus.  But one of the major rules of living banded is protein.  Protein first and in every meal.  So unless you count the dairy in the ranch dressing there really wasn’t any protein in my “dinner”.  Oh well I’m back on track today.  A bit slacking on my water intake but it’s still early as I write this.

Today is “firm protein” day.  Ground meat, shellfish, and salmon type textures.  I did eggs with cheese for breakfast and have some more tuna planned for lunch.  Dinner is still a bit of a mystery but always an adventure.

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