Days 4 and 5 Pouch Test

I’m not proud of what I’ve done but I will admit it.  I had a very rough day yesterday.  We’re talking so mad I was bawling at my desk.  So my lovely little car made a detour to the liquor store and purchased a bottle of peach vodka.  Naughty little car.  After a few glasses of this sweet hootch mixed with oj (we’re calling this one a screwy navel) my troubles were much farther behind me.  I know drinking to make the bad things go away isn’t a good path to go down but really I can count on one had the number of times I have had any alcohol since being banded on one hand (and this was a first for the hard stuff and for stress relief).

The stressful issue has been resolved as of this afternoon and all is better.  Now, how did the firm protein day go?  It went.  I can really tell that my internal portion control is back but a bit frustrating that I haven’t lost any weight.  Still the same as when I started the pouch test (ok there was a day or two when I was higher but that was totally a TOM thing).  Today is back to normal foods.

Will I do the pouch test again?  I wouldn’t be opposed to it.  Was it hard?  Not really.  I could never even imagine doing this before being banded though.

Have a good weekend everyone!

pssst… school is back in swing for me so it may be sparse over here.  Then again I’m taking a comp class so I could have all kinds of creative things to torture you with post.

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