Goal in Black and White


Not there yet but a goal is made!

I really hate making goals with time limits.  Just so much pressure!  I am already super tough on myself if I don’t succeed so I try to avoid setting myself up for failure.  Yet something is pushing me to do it just this one time.

This month is my bandiversary.  It will be one year since I was joined as one with Fickelbitch.  Granted the port on her tail didn’t start working right until January when it was replaced.  I guess I could try to get away with calling January my bandiversary but that just seems sneaky.

So, here’s my goal in black and white.  I will find my way to One-derland before my bandiversary (9/30).  There, it’s out in the open.  Now, I just need to start busting butt to get there.  I have plans for that though, my friends.  I’ll let you in on that plan next week.


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