Naan of Your Business

Last night I was able to go to dinner with some of my work friends.  If you aren’t familiar with hospital workers you should know that we’ve been known to be quite open.  It really is like one big dysfunctional family.  I know more about my coworkers’ kids than most people know about their own.  We actually went out to celebrate a birthday of a pharmacist that I work with. 

We ate at the Taj Mahal in Independence, Missouri.  They serve Indian food if you couldn’t guess by the name.  Being an Indian food virgin I was quite overwhelmed just looking over the menu.  The staff was so very helpful.  I told out waiter that I couldn’t eat a large portion and he pointed out the chicken tikka on the appetizer section.  Sounded good to me.  We had a cracker type bread with three different dipping sauces to start (like chips and salsa at a Mexican restaurant).  We were presented with two large dishes of basmati rice and some smaller bowls of masala (a well seasoned red sauce).  This is what we were told.

  • Place a bed of rice on the plate
  • Scoop some of the masala over the rice
  • The meat (brought out last) is the top layer

All this with fresh-baked naan!  Think of naan as a cross between a pita and a tortilla.  Crunchy on one side (the side baked on the wall of the tandoori, or clay oven, and fluffy on the other side.  I totally forgot to take pictures so these are ones I found online that are really close to what my food looked like.

Chicken Tikka (tandori grilled white chicken chunks)

Masala sauce


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