Double Whammy Good Day!

I know it’s super early but it’s a good day!  Today is my bandiversary!  One year ago today I was making my way to the operating room to start my new journey.  I have to take my measurements but I promise I’ll post them here over the weekend. 

I met my goal!  I was really close to not making it though.  A month of 202.2 and finally yesterday (just to tease) I was greeted with 200.0 (super tease)!  Then today…

One-derland Baby!

Seriously!?! Do you see the sun rays from above? I cannot believe it actually happened… on time even!  Even with having to have revision surgery I went from 249 to 199 in one year.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  I’ll post numbers later.  Off to  bask in my special day!

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