New Family Additions

Since I made my goal I have been thinking of a reward.  Yes, I know that a reward should ideally be picked out before reaching a major goal (details).  I was really thinking about getting a tattoo. Yes, another tattoo.  This one would be very appropriate and a bit twisted funny.  Since my history with my surgeon finding my port has historically been iffy at best, at least until my first unfill right after my revision surgery healed, so Dr. K and I joke that I should get a bullseye tattoo over my port site.  Something like this maybe…


Ready, Aim, FIRE!



I was going to consult with my favorite Fat Man over at Dragonfly Tattoo (where I get all of my work done~ my leg piece is on Clint’s gallery page) when something I’ve been wanting for a while landed in my lap.  One of my pharmacists is moving to Florida in a few weeks and she’s trying to unload a bunch of her stuff.  One of these things was an iMac.  Sweet!  So now that I’m a Mac-geek I’m trying to figure this alien out.  I’m doing pretty good but for a chick that loves her keyboard shortcuts on Microsoft it’s a bit tough.  A friend likened it to learning how to write with your non-dominate hand.  Very true!





The other new addition is of the four-legged variety.  Being the sucker caring person that Hubby is, when he found a little dog sitting on the side of the road (having been obviously hit by a car), he swooped in to rescue the poor creature.  She has a broken leg, and because she likes to attempt to free her leg from the wrap that the vet used, a cone on her head. Poor thing is just a little bully when it comes to getting loves from her people.  The other dogs just don’t have a chance but I’m sure that will change once she gets the “cast” off and the playing field is level. Only a few more weeks and she should be free from that pesky splint.


Poor Little Penny



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