A Hot Steaming Pile


Winter from my backyard


I live in Kansas.  We have all four seasons here.  I know that sounds strange but let me explain.  Some places I’ve lived don’t have a real winter.  Sorry guys but if your temperature in December/January is above freezing at all then this applies to you.

I live in a house on a hill and my driveway is an adventure on a good day.  The concrete was broken and we had to remove parts of it so the pieces didn’t eat anyone’s car.  All of this makes for one rough ride up the mountain.

So we have Winter + Hill + Broken concrete = AHHHHHH not fun!  Now mix in a bit of cardio hell I like to call “driveway shoveling” and you have a really good case for moving OR asphalt.

Hubby chose asphalt (only because we all know that it’s not a good time to try to sell a house) which in itself is super nice but he made it a surprise and blew it out of the park.  I was quite the curious cat watching the guys work last night.  I’ve never seen this done.  I was surprised that it only took a few hours start to finish.  And since they guys evened the drop off at the street it’s such a nice smooth transition!  Thank you Hubby!  Such a wonderful gift (no I’m still not telling you what your anniversary surprise is).

~Click the pictures to see more detail~


The damaged concrete that will soon be fixed



The asphalt is here!



The paver barely fits



The "paver" placing a thick layer of asphalt



Rolling the asphalt smooth



All Done!


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