In Search of BLING!

First let me start by saying that being married to Hubby is fantastic!  I’m so happy that our strange little story unfolded in the way that it did.  But with weight loss comes some costly ring sizing.  Seriously.  I waited about eight months to get my wedding set resized for about $130!!!  Let me tell you how happy I was to fork that money over.  They charged me to take the rings apart, size them both, put them back as one, and then since I have white gold they have to plate it with rhodium to make it white.  Lesson learned… do NOT let your care plan lapse!

After paying the way overpriced fee I was finally able to wear my totally unique blue wedding set.  At least for a few weeks.  Yup, of course I would lose finger fat and not be able to wear the rings again.  Seriously?!?  Oh well it happens.  So now that I’ve been wearing every fake ring I have I’ve finally shrunk through all of them.  What’s a girl to do?

Enter the internet.  I’ve save a bit of allowance money just for this occasion.  Now I just need to narrow it down.  Since my original wedding set is blue I think it’s appropriate to keep that theme with my temporary rings.  Once I’ve leveled off on the weight loss I’ll be running to get my set sized again!

The first contender is this basic sterling silver bezel set sapphire eternity band.  A serious steal at only $30.


Sterling silver bezel set sapphire eternity band $30



Along a similar line is this monster of a band.  Meet the sapphire ice sterling silver CZ anniversary band from the same site as the one above.  This one is a bit more money but still really affordable at $54.


Sapphire ice sterling silver CZ anniversary band $54



For less of a band style and more traditional stone in the middle and side accents there’s this Mayan’s simulated sapphire ring.  The site describes this as a “smaller carat option” at 1 carat I don’t know that I agree but as far as the fake stuff goes it is small.  Most of the rings I find are over four carats.  I have a four carat ring and it’s a really huge rock for my now tiny fingers.


Mayan's simulated sapphire ring $79.95



For something a little different I’ve found a birthstone couples ring with gold vermeil.  Really simple and pretty at $45.  I have to giggle when super rugged manly man Hubby has a pink birthstone.


Birthstone couples ring with gold vermeil $45




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