Impatient Imp ~or~ Fun With Numbers

No, not yet.

One of Dr. K’s rules after getting Lap Band is no pregnancy for two years.  TWO.  WHOLE.  YEARS.  I am not known to be a patient person.  Especially after all we went through about two years ago.  Remember this… or how about this?  Yeah, good times.  Anyway, I remember reading somewhere that fertility in women can be linked to BMI.  Hey, did you know I’ve dropped 9 BMI points in the last year?

I found the article that lists the statistics…

In the study, they found that for every BMI unit over 29, the chance of pregnancy was reduced by four percent, when compared to women with BMI’s between 21 to 29. Women who were severely obese, with BMI’s between 35 to 40, had a 23% to 43% less chance of achieving pregnancy compared to the below 29 BMI women.

I started with a BMI of 40 and now have a score of 31.8.  Not quite the 29 that the article talks about but I’m good with rounding numbers down.  My lady brain interprets the math as this… I’m almost at a 29 SO… I’m 43% more fertile than I was before this journey.

Or the other math my brain does is this… Based on the statement “for every BMI unit over 29, the chance of pregnancy was reduced by four percent”.  If I started at 40 (which is 11 points above 29)… 11 times 4= 44.  I’m 44% more fertile that I was before.  MUCH better math on that one.  OR I just have a crazy woman in my head.

My internal crazy lady sounds similar to Tyra.

Hmm two years huh?  I really do like rounding up too.  I’m 13 months post-op… not quite the 24 months Dr. K would prefer.  On the downward slide wouldn’t hurt anything, right?



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