Like Fine Wine

Happy Anniversary!

Yesterday was my anniversary.  How long, you ask?  That depends on which one of us you’re asking.  I give the accurate, “we’ve been married for four years.”  Hubby will tell you, “seven years.”  And he’s right.  We’ve been together for seven years.  From day one we’ve been acting like we were married… so let’s call it seven years.  We’ve been married seven years.  There… it’s been said and since it’s on the internet it must be true.  To the best seven years of my life with the best man I know… Love you Ry!

We actually got to go out for out anniversary Sunday (Hubby took an entire day off just for us).  Just running around spending time together was so nice.  We hit a few antique places before going to lunch at Hooters.  Sad experience there.  Food was ok… not great, beer was cold (good thing), and the girls all looked 12.  Poor hubby with no eye candy to drool over… except me of course.

Speaking of drooling over me.  I work with a photographic genius.  Grace is an amazing photographer and I got to be her guinnea pig!  She’s trying to tweek some stuff on her camera so I got to play and get the perfect anniversary gift.  Win-win!  I’m working on getting the pictures in the right format to post. 

Knowing that I’m a Gleek Hubby brought home the first season of Glee for me.  I’ve been slowly saturating my brain with attractive men that sing and dance… dangerous combo for me if you remember

Good Dreams


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