Wait. What?

Have you ever read a statement, accepted it, and a half a second later realized that it is completely absurd?  Yah, me too.  I just logged onto my WordPress account and one of the things that it displays along with the number of readers each day is the “top searches” list.  This is basically what people put into a search engine to find my little slice of the web.  Here’s what I found today…

bullseye tattoo on lap band port

Really?  That just seems a bit odd to me.  I can see bullseye, tattoo, or even lap band.  But the whole thing?  It makes me wonder about the mental stability of the net-surfing public.  Wait.  I have actually typed those words into a search engine. 

Nevermind. I am perfectly normal and so is the brilliant person who did that search to find little ol’me.  Thank you.


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