A Big Day Around Here




If you will notice the address bar at the top of your browser.  It’s ok… I’ll wait.

Find it?  Did you notice that it got shorter?  That’s right folks.  I’m the bonafide owner of a domain.  What does a non tech savvy person know about domains?  Not much.  Look, at least I’m honest.  I just know that it’s much easier to type midwesternramblings.com than it is to add .wordpress to the whole thing.  It’s a mouthful handful to type anyway.  I love it.  I can’t even tell you why exactly.  It’s like my little corner of the web is all growed up and spreading its wings and all of the other garbage your valedictorian spewed on graduation day.  Don’t worry about changing your bookmarks (hint hint) the old address will direct you to the correct place.  You won’t have to worry about missing any fantastic gems at the wrong site that way.  Magic!


My new home


The other big change around here is that I’ve been nominated for an award.  Kind of a big one too.  Blogger’s choice awards is an award that is given each year in a slew of different categories.  It’s a really good place to find amazing (and sometimes scary) new bloggy friends.  Go check it out.  Oh, and if you don’t vote for me babies will be born blind I’ll just be forced to cry and make sad puppy eyes until you change your mind.


Please vote for me




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