What Did You Call Me?

I’m really not good with technology.  I can get the basics done and I’m pretty good with them but the advanced stuff like my iPod and what the sticker on my computer (1 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM) means baffle me.  I don’t do html (I think that’s a programing thing) or any of that other stuff.  I’m doing good to make this blog work (thank you wordpress for making this super easy for me).  So when I was told that my grandmother and my mother (who can barely read her email… Love you Mom!) were going to be skyping I really felt that this is something I need to know how to do as well.

Skype me, Baby!

My Mac has a built in speaker/camera so this should be easy.  I’ve downloaded the program even.  Now I just need someone to talk with so that I know I’ve done this correctly.




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