A Day in My Brain… an **Earworm Post

I really wish I could tell you that something very similar to this doesn’t happen to me just about every day.  When you see me and my head is bobbing to no apparent song just know that this is why.

I started my day in the car going to work… traffic is what it is going through downtown.  Enter my friend Stereo.  He’s a pretty good friend.  You know the kind that somehow just knows what you need.  Stereo decided I needed this…

Which naturally gets me in a bit of a better mood… ok, apparently somewhere in that song my socially impaired twin jumped into the driver’s seat.  Since Stereo saw that I was in a singing mood he thought that he would switch it up a bit and he tossed this one on for me…

Know that Stereo is part Drama Queen with a giant ego and since he apparently thought he was on a roll Stereo decided to really go for the gusto.

Only to end our little commute with something that will definitely keep me super motivated… at least with a bob in my head.

Ultimately a good drive in.  Work itself wasn’t awful.  SSDD really.  Bosses were out so it was more peaceful than normal.  However for whatever reason several of us ended up getting a bit goofy at the very end of the day.  My brain decided I needed a soundtrack to go with the mood.  Yes, I know, I need therapy (my therapist says so too).

Since I’m finishing up a paper right now (read: putting off writing a paper) I need something not too obnoxious and kind of mellow…


** Earworm- a song that gets stuck in your head



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