60% done

I'm 60 pounds lighter!!

It’s official.  I’m now down half a dog.  More specifically… this dog.   Not exactly my dog Cuddles but really close.

Ok maybe not this exact dog.  120 pound Cuddles is hard to take pictures of since she always wants in my lap.  It’s an experience.  I love giant dogs.  Surprisingly they are more agile and careful of their surrounding than the other smaller dogs we have.  Yes smaller is relative in this case.  A 70 pound coon hound is smaller than his 120 pound great dane “sister”.  Nevermind that.  This isn’t about them.  It’s about me!

Since I’m here celebrating my new tiny-ness (it’s a word because I say it is) I’ve decided that I’m going to try to institute a new feature here in my rambles.  Monday Mix-up!  I’m going to set my iPod on shuffle and post the results.  No judging people.  It’s a ramblers prerogative I tell you.

Let the games begin.

**Please note that some of the videos are not kid friendly**

Michael Buble~ Feeling Good… ok In my mind I picture a burlesque dance but I’m twisted that way.

The Why Store~ Father

Barlow Girl~ Never Alone… not my normal genre but there’s something about the harmonies that get me. 

Marilyn Manson~ Tainted Love

Newsies~ Seize the Day… no judging remember.

Korn~ A.D.I.D.A.S… Yes, some days I do.


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