One is silver and the other gold

Apparently it’s the time of year where relationships become somewhat precarious. Hubby and I were just talking about this the other day. I have noticed that some friendships are cyclical. I have never been one to have many female friends. For the most part I find that many women focus on playing games and stabbing people in the back instead of being decent human beings. Sadly I speak from experience and have the scars to prove it. Apparently every handful of years there is a cleaning of sorts.

On the other end of the equation is a batch of friends that have disappeared only to reappear later down the road. In my experience these friends reappear when they are least expected and most needed.
Timing is everything in life. Ever dated someone and everything was going ok but the time in your life just wasn’t right for that relationship? The same goes with friendships.
I believe that some people step into your life when they are most needed and quietly step out when their time is over. When they leave they are missed but their time with you is valued. If they reappear they may not be the same sort of friend you needed previously. This is where I have troubles.

A best friend from the past reappears after a dozen years is hard for me to treat the same. We’re still friends but the keep-your-secrets-and-hide-the-body kind of friendship isn’t as strong. Am I hurt by this change? No. It’s just hard for me to reestablish roles.

Am I the only person that has seen this happen in their life? I am grateful to be surrounded by the friends that I have. I also look forward to see how these relationships will change throughout the years to come. If you are one of the friends that has popped back into my life, I say welcome back and thank you. If you are one that has quietly stepped back, I say your time has been treasured and you will never be forgotten.


One thought on “One is silver and the other gold

  1. My mother has always said:

    “people come into you life for a reason, as season or a lifetime”

    I think that this is very true. I too have had cyclical friendships. I have lots of mates, but not too many, true, close friends. Maybe this is a reflection of my nature, however I can tell the true ones from the phonies as when time passes and we don’t see each other for sometimes a year or more, it is although we were together only yesterday. Yes there has been water under the bridge, and we talk about how it has flown, but we also talk about what is yet to come and carry on making plans as though we will see each other tomorrow.


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