Do Your “Ears” Hang Low? A Question for the Ladies.

Men, you may want to step away from this post.  Just a warning.

I need help from you ladies out there.  With great weight (usually) comes great knockers.  Or at least great big ones.  I’m serious people.  I’ve lost some in the chesticle area but not much.  Before surgery we’re talking DDD or even an E in one style I had.  Now, I haven’t done any actual measuring but from the old bras that I’ve dug up I’m approximately a DD still.  Good for the guys; bad for my back.  Oh well.  Things are still changing in my world as far as sizes go so I’m not attached to this idea.

Now on to my problem.  I’m running out of bras that are acceptable.  The ones that I have hung onto really aren’t good bras and are lacking in the support area.  Simply put, I need new bras.  Now understand that my sizes do tend to drop randomly so I don’t want to spend $50+ just to find out that I can’t wear the silly thing for longer than a few weeks.  Just not good money sense.  I’ve been thinking about dropping by VS after all we share the name.  But the last time I was there they didn’t actually carry anything in stock that would fit.  I take that back.  They did.  It was one style (not cute) and it only came in that oh so exciting buff color… and white.  Yeah, I kept walking.  I want cute, people!  I deserve cute underthings!  Is that too much to ask?  Please tell me your secret places to find affordable cute bolder holders (yes, I went there).



One thought on “Do Your “Ears” Hang Low? A Question for the Ladies.

  1. I sympathize but I have no store recommendations. I hate the VS bras – they are SO uncomfortable and poorly made. I’ve had good luck at Frederick’s but I don’t know how big they go. Please share what you find – I’m in the process of throwing away any bra that hurts so I need some new one pronto.

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