Monday Mix-up 3

Since last week was full of sappy memory inducing songs I’ll let vPod do her thing this week.  No message this time… just the luck of the draw.

Linkin Park~ My December

Thanks to some pretty cool editing this song goes really well with some of the Kingdom of Hearts scenes.

Barenaked Ladies~ Deck the Stills

Be warned that this will be stuck in your head for days.  Yes, I said days.

Johnny Cash~ Pain

I think there’s more of my grandfather in me than I like to admit sometimes.  Apparently he really liked Johnny Cash too.

3 Doors Down~ Changes

We’ve all been there.  Change is good… Change is healthy.

Flaw~ Only the Strong (accoustic)

An amazing artist.  His rock stuff is good but his vocal talent shines when there’s only an acoustic accompaniment.


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