Big Gifts Rock! ~or~ How My Mother Wrapped a Stove

As a kid it never really mattered how many gifts I got… as long as there were a few giant ones.  I just knew that the bigger the box the better the prize inside was.  Somehow this has changed a bit as I’ve grown up.  I know that some of the best gifts come in little burgundy boxes… or better than that, the little Tiffany blue colored ones.

Bestest of all though would be the dark blue of this fantasy of mine…

But this isn’t about shiny things I didn’t get (yet?).  It’s about what I found under my Mother’s tree when I walked into her house yesterday.  I found the usual tree in it’s usual place with a smattering of wrapped mysteries ready to be discovered.  However, something caught my eye.

Oven Starter Kit... just needs water.

My oven has been on the fritz for over a year now.  We’ve thrown parts at it only to find that the replacement parts were no good.  Fun times in my house.  I never really worried about it after the initial freak out (of course we had friends over for take and bake pizza… no oven = no pizza) because I tend to use my toaster oven for everything.  LOVE that little contraption.  We thought we had the “big” oven fixed when I started working on Thanksgiving dinner planning.  Only to find out that the giant paperweight still didn’t work properly.  The stove is golden and has been this whole time but the oven won’t heat.  NOTE: Jennie-O turkey breasts can be done in crock pots for those that didn’t know AND they turn out really good!

Fast forward to yesterday… I have a standing invitation for Mom and Dad to come to good ‘ol KC so we can get my new oven.  Although the wrapped one under the tree may still prove to be my favorite (even temperature every time I’m told) I’m excited to get a new shiny one.


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