67 pounds down!

I just did the math on this.  Started out 100 pounds over where I wanted to be (ok maybe more than that but it’s an easy number to get me to a healthy place) subtract the 67 already lost= 33 left to lose.  WHAT?!?  Really?  Is that all?  Maybe I need to reevaluate that goal weight.  Nah, 150 is a completely acceptable number.  Now, if my body decides that 150 is still too much and it’s happy place is somewhere around 130 or so I don’t think I would be too disappointed.

The body is a strange thing that way.  There are several Bandies that I follow who have passed their goal weight.  Their body found where it was going to be and they’ve maintained whatever crazy place that happens to be rather nicely.  I can only hope that my body got the same memo.  On the other hand if I stayed right here I would still be happy.

While shopping with a friend last week I was walking by a rack of jeans.  There was a single pair hanging up… a size 24.  It looked huge.  Before I signed up for this crazy ride I wore that same size.  Funny how I don’t remember them looking that large.  Now when I go to put on jeans it looks like I stole some pants from a kid and I’m wearing a size 12!  My friend that I went shopping with has also had surgery for weight (gastric bypass) six years ago and she said that her mind is still messed up from it.  It really is the hardest thing to see how far gone you were.  Yes, I’m working on coming back to a healthy place but it’s still hard sometimes.  I would never change my decision to have this surgery.  And to anyone thinking about it; it’s a hard ride but worth every bump and sharp turn.



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