(Thank god christmas is over. The music was going to kill me)

Yes,Virginia, there may be a Santa but I’ll take mine without the same ten songs re-recorded by every person/band I’ve never heard of.  In the car I have the habit of playing with the “scan” button.  Oh, I have my usual dozen preset stations depending on on mood.  However sometimes even they have to play commercials.  Explain to me how they all play commercials at the same time (that’s a completely different post).

I don’t do the satellite radio thing.  It came for a year with the car but never worked and I figured I wasn’t going to play into the manufacturer’s ploy of get ’em hooked and end the freebie so they’ll buy.  I know my weaknesses and I try to out think them sometimes.

Anyway, back to the Satan Claus music.  Several days in the past few weeks I have found that apparently some michevious little elf has reprogrammed my “scan” button with christmas music as it’s only target.  It goes something like this… I press scan, the radio finds “Winter Wonderland” by the Eurythmics.  I don’t touch a thing.  Radio continues to scan.  It stops on Kenny G’s “Silver Bells”.  Again I don’t touch a thing (mind you there was a bit of a tourette’s like string of cursing going through my brain at this time).  Burle Ives’ “A Holly Jolly Christmas” starts in.  I see a pattern here.  This is the point where I would normally scramble to shove a CD into the player… any CD.  Except I don’t have any in the car right now.  I’ve been transferring them all over to my iTunes.  This is where the tourette’s string of fun burst forth from my lips in much the manner my retired Marine of a father in-law has been known to do.  I would have made him proud.  The radio tried one last time to soothe the savage beast that is me… And found one of a very few holiday songs that I don’t absolutely hate (ok, I’ll admit that I really do like this song).  I say “holiday” because several of these tolerable/liked songs are for Hanukkah.

And yes, my dirty monkey mind went there.  You’ll know what I’m talking about when you see the video.

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