Word of the Year

I really don’t like making resolutions.  Since I have a bit of an issue with feeling like I’ve failed I just can’t see setting myself up for a whole list of possible failures.  A word, however, I can deal with.  I’ve seen some blogs talk about the word they’ve chosen for the year… some have lofty words.  Things like “renew” and “honesty” or even “optimism”.  I’m thinking something a bit more objective.


Yes.  Hydrate.

I hate water.  One of the bandi-basics is to make sure you get enough protein in your daily diet (snicker away… I still do every time they ask me if I’m getting enough protein.  Somehow ‘that’s what he said’ always goes through my head).  The other huge bandi-commandment is to get at least 60 ounces of water daily.  Yah, even if I count the can of diet soda I sometimes consume as “water” I still don’t make my 60 ounces.  I know it’s the equivalent of five cans of soda but seriously… it’s WATER!!  Even when dolled up with the packets of powdered flavor stuff it’s still plain old water.  Not that I prefer anything else to water.  I guess I’m just happily dehydrated.  Thus my word of the year being hydrate.  We shall see how this one goes.




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