The Shack~ A Review

Sadly, I’ll admit that I don’t read nearly as much as I used to or even as much as I would like.  So when I decide to pick up a book I have some high expectations from the experience.  I want to be entertained.  I want the characters to make a connection and  take me on an adventure; be it a funny ride, a heart pounding escape, or an eye-opening spiritual journey.  I sign up for a few hundred pages of escape.  One of the best parts in my experience is finding the book that will lead me into the escape I’m looking for. 

I usually don’t go to the book store/library looking for a specific fiction book (non-fiction is a different story).  I look for one that jumps out at me; cover image, title, synopsis, the whole thing.  The Shack by William Paul Young flirted with me initially when I wandered past the Best Sellers shelf at the store with it’s cover picture.  Pausing to read one of the snippets on the cover I found “Where tragedy confronts eternity”.  Good job Windblown Media I’m intrigued.  Turning the book over I read the synopsis about a man whose young daughter disappears during a vacation and is presumed murdered.  Four years later, still drowning in grief, he finds a note from God inviting him back to the shack where evidence was found.  And so it begins. 

Not a large book at only 250 pages. The most appropriate word I can come up with is “profound”.  I am not a Christian and it has taken me years to be able to admit that.  I am not afraid of people looking down on me for my lack of mainstream beliefs but that is another post all together.  That being said, this book isn’t so much of a religious thread as a spiritual one.  There was no preaching and I didn’t find myself rolling my eyes hoping the author would get on with the story already.  I’ll warn you that this book will make you think and reflect so if you’re looking for a fun adventure book… turn away.  Great read and one I will probably read every so often.  I definitely recommend this one!

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