Monday Mix-up v6.1

Hello again my pets!  This is the first I’ve been able to grab a computer in a spare moment (not many of those around anymore it seems).  And because I’m one that gets easily irked when people forget their promises… we will have two, yes TWO, mix-ups today. 

K’s Choice~ When I Lay Beside You

A dear friend introduced me to this band recently and I can’t thank him more.  Some days you just need mellow and these folks fit the bill.

Put Your Lights On~ Carlos Santana and Everlast

Apparently the Gods find it entertaining to watch me dance while doing dishes (by hand mind you) because every single time I do dishes I’ve got vPod on shuffle this song comes on and a little bit of the latin hip thing makes a show.  No, I’m not latin and NO I cannot dance but thanks to Zumba apparently my hips never got that message.  I’m sure I look like I’m having a seizure.  I don’t care.  I’m here to have fun… and do dishes.

Girlfriend~ Avril Lavigne

Can I just say for the record “been there and done that.”  Not proud (ok maybe a little) but there ya go.

I Call Your Name~ The Mamas and the Papas

Have to thank Mom for this one… ok the entire album if truth were told.  We used to listen to this tape- yes tape– repeatedly every time we took any sort of trip.  Maybe I can blame my intense appreciation of harmonies on the Mamas and the Papas?

Is this Love~ Bob Marley

Talk about a song that gets people moving.  Another dishwashing favorite.  Seriously, go to Jamaica, listen to this song while on a boat, with a few glasses of rum punch in you, and you have found heaven. 

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