Monday Mix-up v6.2

After this one we’re square, right?  No idea where vPod is going to take us this time.  Dear Gods please let this not embarrass me too much.  She picks’em and I play’em.  Enjoy.

Wicked Game~ Chris Isaak

Not a bad start.  I always loved this video too.  Made for lots of disappointing dates when this is what you’re expecting.  So Disney lied to the girls about us being princesses and MTV lied to the boys because half-naked girls on beaches are never that hot. 

Lose Yourself~ Eminem

This really could have been posted when I talked about being embarrassed about knowing all the words to some songs.  Again, no judging people. 

You Can Call Me Al~ Paul Simon

Crazy enough that this song will make me smile just about every time!  Chevy Chase makes me laugh… Oooo oooo.  OK must go on now.

Leave Out All the Rest~ Linkin Park

Really great musicians and the lyrics are touching. 

El Tango de Roxanne~ Mulan Rouge

 I’ve always liked the story behind the tango.  The dancing is amazing in the video but it’s the haunting counter melody that Ewan Mcgregor’s character sings gives me goosebumps! 

Love the Way You Lie~ Eminem and Rihanna

The only word for this is “intense”.  It took me a few times hearing this song to decide if I liked it or not.  I do. 

Scotty Doesn’t Know~ Lustra

Just because I like it.  Nothing else.


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