Something Profound

A few weeks back I asked for your forgiveness because I was trying to work through some things.  I appreciate your patience.  I’ve not found any huge answers as to what path I will be taking but I’ve ruled a few out.  Narrowing the options is progress, right?

I have learned to appreciate that I cannot force things to line up.  Patience is a virtue they say but I think it’s something we all have the ability to learn.  I’m not about to start touting that I’ve learned the secret because it would be a lie. 

For larger things to work out often it is the little things lined up in such a way that they make a beautiful picture if you just stand back to see.  Like the pictures made up of the tiny images (photo mosaics).  If you only focus on the tiny pictures and how they are flipped or the colors don’t quite flow you’ll completely miss out on the beauty of the larger piece of art. 

Don’t worry about how the little things line up or how they’re flipped.  It will all make a beautiful picture if you just take a moment (stop freaking out about things you can’t control or don’t really matter when you looking from a distance), take a breath, and relax.

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