Mixed-up Monday 8th Edition

Yet another installment of the soundtrack playing in my brain.  See there is a reason I look like I’m always listening to music (and sometimes get caught dancing to apparently nothing).  I’ve been thinking that this may be the last installment of Monday Mix-ups for a bit.  It may not but just in case.  I hope you’ve had a good time looking into my internal soundtrack.

Life is a Highway~ Tom Cochrane

This is one of those songs that I will stop to listen to every time it’s on the radio just to sing along.  It’s a happy one for me.

Breathe (2am)~ Anna Nalick

There are lines of this song that get stuck in my head for days… and I’m ok with that.

Sing~ The Dresden Dolls

I really like how this video was done but it’s the song that caught my attention about a year ago.  Haven’t been able to let this one go for some reason.

Goodbye to You~ Michelle Branch

I’m the confidant for many and this one seems appropriate for several friends right now.  Remember that all will be well in time and that I’m here for you.

Waters of Babylon~ Don McLean

This tune really is beautiful.  Peaceful.  It’s what goes through my head when I get to relax around the lake.

Let’s Just Kiss~ Harry Connick Jr

I’ve loved Mr. Connick’s voice for a long time and the album that this song comes from is 100% amazing.  Each song tells a different story about love.  Different kinds and different phases of love.  Check it out.

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